Home Town: Victoria, BC
Home Club: Royal Vancouver Yacht Club ,RVicYC, & NYC
Class: Sonar
ISAF Sailor: CANBM14

Team Website is: 

Hometown: Victoria BC
Age: 50
Learned to Race Dinghy: Grew up on Toronto Island and learned racing at RCYC junior club.
Started to Race: Began racing at 10 years old.
Best Part of Sailing Sonar Boat: Laughing we have together.
Worst Part of Sailing Sonar Boat: Its 8 feet tall on the trailer and hard do work on from a wheelchair.
Favourite Place to Sail: There are so many great places in the world.
Favourite Athlete: I have a great respect for all the sailors that work to be the best.
Recent results: IFDS Worlds, port Charlotte FL, 8th place.

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