Well there you have it folks, Mike Leigh and Luke Ramsay have qualified for a spot on the start line at the 2012 London Olympics! A hugeMike Leigh & Luke Ramsay congrats to the guys who had another great day sailing in Barcelona at the 470 World Champions. Sitting comfortably at 17th overall and qualifying for the Gold fleet, Leigh and Ramsay are a glow with excitement for their well earned opportunity to represent Canada this summer at the Games.

Sailing two races today, they were the 24th boat to cross the line in the first race giving them even more drive to make it to the front of the fleet for the second race, where they nailed a top ten finish, coming in 9th.

Leigh and Ramsay have guaranteed themselves a spot at the Games, and thus far are in the gold fleet. With 4 more days of racing the guys are striving for excellence in order to move up in the rankings on their way to London. Also on the course today were the untouchable Australian Men's 470 record setters, Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page, who sailed a jaw-dropping 6 first place finishes in 6 races. Props to the Aussies for setting the standards high!

Canada's Women 470 sailors didn't sail as well today as they had hoped, missing their Olympic qualifying position by 14 points. "We made some huge improvements over the last couple months and had a great ride, but it's still disappointing! Thanks for the support!" said skipper Dana Archibald a Halifax native.

Keep an eye on Mike and Luke as they continue to strive for their best this week in Barcelona as they gain valuable experience with many of the sailors they'll be competing against this summer!

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